I have been always interested about the reason we are dressing for and how we define our style. 

To graduate at the Fashion Institute Vienna in the profession of shoe making, was therefor one of my best decisions, where besides I also got in touch with other handcrafts as dress making and millinery.

Through collaborations with several photographers for various photo shootings and my participation at big productions like the StyleBible for LifeBall2014, I could already gained experience as a fashion stylist respectively fashion designer. 

Amongst others I have worked as a styling assistant at the Vangardst Magazine, where I furthermore have been responsible for diverse articles for the online editorial.

Currently I’m working for an austrian shoe company as a freelance shoe designer, which allows me to schedule my timetable freely. 

I’m always open to new collaborations and working in fashion fields, both, as a designer and stylist.

So if you’re interested please feel free to get in touch.